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Who can apply?


In order to apply for accommodation you must be: -

  • Aged over 18; AND

  • Homeless; AND

  • Single (no children or partners can be housed with you).

We give first priority to those with a local connection to the Arun District, second to those with local connection to West Sussex and then accept those out of area in exceptional circumstances.

Bognor Housing Trust are unable to house people who have committed sexual offences, arson or serious / multiple violent offences.

The service is available to anyone who meets the above criteria irrespective of race, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexuality or other characteristic.


However, the scheme is not currently adapted for use by people with severe physical or mental disabilities.

How can you apply?


In order to apply to Bognor Housing Trust you can self-refer by completing an application form and returning it to Cornerways, to the address given on the contact page or sent via an E-mail attachment or uploaded to us via our contact form on the contact page.

Application forms can be obtained directly by completing the application form, from Cornerways or from various local agencies, including Arun District Council, and the Town Hall (Bognor Regis).

If you have a support worker (of any description)

they can also complete the referral section of the

form to support your application.


What happens once my form is returned?

All eligible applicants are placed on to the waiting list. If you are not eligible you will be notified of this. All applicants are scored using a points based system to determine priority.

When a vacancy arises, the applicant with the most points that is suitable (this will depend on the balance of clients currently living in the scheme and length of time on the waiting list / homeless) will be invited for an interview.

All applicants are interviewed by two members of staff; a support worker can also be present at the interview if you wish.

After the interview, you will be contacted within 3 working days to be informed of the outcome of the interview - whether you are suitable for the scheme or not.

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